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Brooks | It’s Not About You…

My friend tipped me off to this column written by David Brooks, It’s Not About You. I agree with much of what Brooks usually writes, and I thought this was a very good piece.  Right on the money on many issues. One small part … Continue reading

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T/F Film Fest Refest

Stacey and I had the opportunity to go to Columbia, MO the weekend of Feb. 27-Mar. 1 for the T/F Film Festival.  The “T/F’ stands for “True – False”.  We really enjoyed the event, even though it was like an … Continue reading

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No, No with the PoMo?

Tomorrow our department will be having their monthly colloquium in which we discuss a variety of topics.  We will be doing a follow up discussion on the ideas presented by a recent speaker on campus, Tony Jones.  Tony is a speaker/writer/leader … Continue reading

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2 Senses of Novelty

I’ve been reading Restoration of Reason by Montague Brown at a snails pace because I have little time for my own enjoyable reading.  I’m only 27 pages in, but something caught my eye with regards to a minimal requirement on … Continue reading

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