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I am a husband, father and someone completing my graduate studies in philosophy and have the privilege of teaching philosophy and ethics at a small college. I love the intellectual life, particularly as it intersects with what Jesus, Plato and Aristotle referred to as the "Abundant Life", "The Good" and "The Good Life".

Brooks | It’s Not About You…

My friend tipped me off to this column written by David Brooks, It’s Not About You. I agree with much of what Brooks usually writes, and I thought this was a very good piece.  Right on the money on many issues. One small part … Continue reading

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The Murder of Dr. Tiller

A few weeks ago Dr. George Tiller was shot and murdered while handing out bulletins in the church he attended in Wichita, KS. Scott Roeder has been charged with the murder and awaits trial. I don’t want to use the … Continue reading

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T/F Film Fest Refest

Stacey and I had the opportunity to go to Columbia, MO the weekend of Feb. 27-Mar. 1 for the T/F Film Festival.  The “T/F’ stands for “True – False”.  We really enjoyed the event, even though it was like an … Continue reading

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No, No with the PoMo?

Tomorrow our department will be having their monthly colloquium in which we discuss a variety of topics.  We will be doing a follow up discussion on the ideas presented by a recent speaker on campus, Tony Jones.  Tony is a speaker/writer/leader … Continue reading

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Moral Properties and Mental Properties

I’ve been reading an article on realization.  Realization is a bit tricky to define.  As a matter of fact that is one of the problems that many people have against it.  It is most often used in thought and conversation … Continue reading

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2 Senses of Novelty

I’ve been reading Restoration of Reason by Montague Brown at a snails pace because I have little time for my own enjoyable reading.  I’m only 27 pages in, but something caught my eye with regards to a minimal requirement on … Continue reading

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Misplacing Morality

As I have been considering my future and employment, I could not help but noticing the moral vacuum that has occurred as religious knowledge has dissappeared from the radar screen of the university.  It’s no secret that the university values … Continue reading

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